Here is a list of my favorite movies:

The Colour Of Paradise
Romeo And Juliet
Finding Nemo
A Beautiful Mind
Turtles Can Fly
Children Of Heaven

The Colour Of Paradise:

  • Director & Writer----------Majid Majidi
  • Release Date----------7 September 2000
  • Awards----------10 Win 8 Nominations
  • Runtime----------90 Minutes

In this movie the main character is a blind 8 year old boy named Mohammad (Mohsen Ramezani) his acting is totally brilliant and natural. I watched it a many of time and enjoyed. It is about faith and belief, unconditional love, hardship and hope. I would suggest that you watch this lovely movie. It is wonderful.

Memorable quotes...

Mohammad: [crying] Our teacher says that God loves the blind more because they can't see. But I told him if it was so, He would not make us blind so that we can't see Him. He answered "God is not visible. He is everywhere. You can feel Him. You see Him through your fingertips." / Now I reach out everywhere for God till the day my hands touch Him and tell Him everything, even all the secrets in my heart.
Another wonderful movie… In this movie, lead characters are eight year old Ali and his younger sister Zahra. Both children are terrific actors. The direction is excellent. It is very touching educational movie. I really love it. This is one of my favorite movies. You can say, It is great and "must see" type of movie. Watch it and enjoy!

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  1. Lauren // September 23, 2009 at 3:00 PM  

    A Beautiful Mind is also one of my favorites. I also like Mermaids, Fight Club, and The Others.

  2. Dhemz // November 5, 2009 at 1:49 PM  

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